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My Next Adventure


Things I've Let Stop Me In the Past

Not having a catchy title.

Not having a plan.

Not having enough time.

Not having enough money.

A giant stress zit on my chin.


Unwashed hair.

Not knowing how it's going to end.

Not knowing how it's going to be received.

Caring about how it's going to be received so much that it's easier not to start.


Doing it anyway.

Doing the thing as soon as you think of the thing.

Letting the momentum carry me from idea to execution, stopping only for crackers with almond butter because my blood sugar was veering me toward werewolf.

Trusting that everything I need will come.

Realizing no one cares about a zit on my chin or unwashed hair.

Deciding that the thing I want to say and the thing I want to do is important enough that I don't care how it's received.

Totally caring, but deciding not to let that stop me.

I don't know what this is going to turn into. But if I waited until I knew, I would never find out.


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