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Life on a Silver Platter


I wish I could hand you the secret to life on a platter so you could go forth and be a perfect human. A perfect, enlightened human who never suffers through worry or doubt or fear or pain because the allure of enlightenment is the end of suffering.

But we're all supposed to get lost in the maze, I think. You get lost in the maze so that you can find your way out.

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So that maybe the next time you get lost, it won't be so hard or so terrifying. Maybe you'll find your way out quicker. Maybe you'll be able to guide someone else through its twists and turns. Maybe you'll relearn that lesson that you've already had to learn 307 times because life lessons rarely stick.

Maybe that maze is life and maybe expecting life to be a wide, well-lit lane through a carefully-tended garden is to do life - and yourself - a disservice. Maybe there are no answers. So all you can do is find this answer in this moment and enjoy it for what it is. Maybe we should stop trying to peer our way through to next year or the next decade or death. Maybe it's just right now, because right now is all you ever get.

Right now is where all the good stuff is. Where the sky is blue and someone loves you and you have a cup of hot coffee next to your elbow.