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Homework For a New Age

Amber Adrian

We are all here for a reason. We all want to help. We all want to be seen and heard. But not everyone has the tools. Those who do have the tools can share them. Those who have felt seen and heard can open up to hearing and seeing others. Those who have been helped can help others. But those who have received little and can open up to others and see in them what they would like to see in themselves are to be admired. To see without feeling seen is to evolve. To hear without feeling heard is to step into something greater. To show others the way we have found without believing it’s the only way is an act of courage.

Finding your reason, finding your way to help, finding your way to see and hear and feel for those who are like you and who are not at all like you - on the surface - is the best way you can spend your time.

Here is the value of stories - of books, of television, of radio, of any means that humans can begin to understand one another. We understand the other as we understand ourselves - because very little separates us.

All that separates us is our belief that we are separate. We see others as we see ourselves, we hear others as we hear ourselves. That’s why the greatest job any human has is to listen to their own quiet voice, their own deep desires, the space where they have pain. To investigate where they lock that pain away - with walls, with substances, with fear.

The farther we can each dive into our own pain, our own fear, and realize that it does not own us, that it is not us, that it is only one piece of this experience - a piece that can lead us to other experiences - that is how we can begin to shift everyone forward.

As you shift, everyone shifts. As you move, everyone moves. As you evolve, everyone evolves. Because as you begin to see yourself as the bright flame that you are, you begin to see others the same way. As you begin to see your own potential, you begin to see the potential in others. As you see your own value and beauty, you see the beauty and value in others.

See yourself. Hear yourself. Know yourself. You have complete power over the being that you are. Realizing your own evolution and potential will help us all rise into something greater.