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Life Rules

Amber Adrian

Make friends with any and all neighbors who have baby goats.

If you want the pumpkin spice latte, drink the damn pumpkin spice latte.

Ask all your first dates what they would do if you accidentally got pregnant. This will save a lot of time.

If you can’t make it to a friend’s birthday party because your car is acting sketchy, and your friend’s husband offers to pay for your Lyft across four towns, a bridge, and back again, take him up on it. It will have surprising effects on your life.

Don’t worry about how well you love. You love just fine.

Listen more.

Take your triumphs where they come.

Do more of whatever makes you happy. Wear the unicorn t-shirt, swing on the swings, chase the seagulls, eat the burrata, put your stuffed otter in the front seat, buy yourself flowers, write love notes and scatter them wherever you go, text your ex, dance like a muppet on a pogo stick, make beef stew, read your favorite book for the seventeenth time.

You’re also allowed to be cranky whenever you damn well feel like it. It’s fine.