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Day 1

Tool 1: Why Feeling Your Feelings Is so damn Important

Welcome to the 5 tool Bonus, you fabulous feeler you! 

Your feelings are your super strength. So, as a deep feeler, you are insanely, ridiculously, impressively powerful. Like, Neo in The Matrix powerful. Sidney Bristow in a wig powerful. You've got game. 

But in order to plug into that power socket, you need to really feel your feelings. And most of us are thinking about feeling our feelings, not actually feeling our feelings. Because we were never taught. Because feeling hasn't been particularly valued in our society. Because feeling can be hard, so why don't we just stuff it into our spleen and forget it exists. 

But lighting up your feelings will light you up. And your light is ready, baby. 

So here are a few thoughts on why this stuff is so important.