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Day 5

Tool 5: Comfort 

To finish our time together, I'd like to do an intuitive reading for you and your emotional journey.

Because you've done so much and come so far in a very short span - and now it's time for a little succor. Because, really, this work is about feeling better. Feeling all the feelings so you can feel better. Feeling through so much that you begin to see the peace behind the emotion, so that whatever new feeling space shows up simply becomes part of your experience, rather than something to fear or stuff down. 

so here's what came through for you and your Feelings

Your feelings are how you connect with your higher self, your highest wisdom, your answers. Not that you necessarily receive answers in the midst of feeling, because when your brain gets tangled in your emotion, it's not always conscious. But after you've felt whatever is pouring through you, once you've fired up the crucible of your emotion, what is left is a clear channel to receive. To receive your own deep wisdom, your own intuitive guidance, your own creative genius. Your emotion cleans you out so that you can receive. But you must feel it in a new way. You must devote yourself fiercely to a new way of being, in your body and in your emotional center. As you commit to yourself in this way, it will become easier. Soon it will be second-nature. As it was always meant to be. 

You're on the path, and there is nothing you can do wrong. You may stumble, you may take a bramble-strewn side journey, but you are too far along to return to your old self. And you are so ready for the new. Keep walking. Keep feeling. Keep being in your wholeness. For you are so beautiful and so loved, in any state you find yourself on this human plane. Your frustration is as gorgeous as your peace. Your grief is as valuable as your joy. Every feeling space you find yourself in is perfect. So trust the ride. And trust yourself. 

You are ready. 

Feel Better begins soon, and I can’t wait to dive into all this more deeply with you!

If you have any questions about these tools, feel free to contact me here.