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30 Days of Magic


You can do a lot of things in 30 days. You can eat 30 bowls of Rice Krispies. You can - apparently - write an entire novel. You can rip a page off your calendar and dramatically intone, "Well, another month closer to DEATH." You can also tell yourself you're going to do a Project. A project that sounds a little overly earnest and Oprah-tinged or like you've read Harry Potter one too many times, which let's face it, you totally have. But that's okay. There is a place for earnestness in this world, and apparently that place is my blog.

Sadly for a few dearly cherished ambitions, a month spent devoted to magic won't actually turn me into a wizard. But if I look for magic every single day from now until December 15th, I'm certain to find some.

I did a similar (un-blogged) project a few years back and it was startling how much more attention my life and my surroundings got when I had an assignment. FIND MAGIC. MANUFACTURE MAGIC. INVENT MAGIC. IT'S HERE SOMEWHERE. FUCK. FINE, FINISHING THE DISHES AND PRETENDING THEY WERE WASHED BY JAUNTY HOUSE GNOMES COUNTS AS MAGIC.

Imagination is where all magic starts, after all.

Today I begin my month of poking under rocks and barreling around corners in search of the amazing. It starts at Disneyland (magic commodified! appropriate!) and ends...who knows where. Well, it ends on December 15th. But you know what I mean. Hey, look. I'm already lapsing toward the prosaic. Real life: 1. Magic: 0.

If you want to try it with me, please do. Just decide to spend a month finding or creating magic every single day. Yes, watching a dog in a purple sweater spinning on his hind legs for treats counts as magic. Yes, finding that mythical parking spot right by the front door of Trader Joe's counts as magic. Yes, clearing your inbox counts as magic. Yes, hallucinatory unicorns count as magic. So if you need to spend a lot of time on gmail or toss back a few shots of absinthe to meet your quota, have at it.

Spend 30 days focused on finding magic in your life wherever it hides and something will shift, guaranteed. I can't wait to see what happens.