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Day One: Monsters, Magic Scarves, and the Profound Indignity of My Name


Here are the bits of awesome I found in my first day of Project: Make, Find, Be Magic. I won't do this every day, because we'd all be exhausted and annoyed by day four, but I thought the inaugural day deserved recognition and praise. Tuesdays are sometimes misunderstood, you know. Sometimes they just want to be acknowledged like a Friday or that smug bitch Saturday. Thanks, Tuesday. You were so worth it.

My magic was found in conversations, in a red package on my doorstep, and in saying, "Dude, I want to do some sweet creative projects" and having sweet creative projects fall on top of me.

(No Ambers were harmed in the making of this Tuesday.)


What's In a Name

Me: "My name means petrified sap. I don't like the implications."

My aunt: "Don't forget semiprecious."

My mother: "You catch a lot of really great bugs!"

In my parents' defense, I do catch a lot of really great bugs.


If you don't count my shoes, I didn't pay for a single thing I wore to dinner with my my family last night. Clothes tend to arrive unexpectedly on my doorstep these days and the big scarf/shawl thing I'm wearing - softest, warmest, brightest, yay - was found in a red box just that morning. This magically-appearing outfit sponsored by Gap.

I suspect that shawl will spend a large percentage of its life being turned into a pillow so I can nap in public.


Having the self-proclaimed brilliant idea of tagging this experiment Magic Markers. I'm still not sure if it's real genius or if I just need more sleep, but I'm going with it. So I'll be tagging things on the Twitters with #magicmarkers.

If you feel inclined to join, it would make my day. Maybe my month. You'll definitely be labelled magic. (HI, MIKAEL!)


On Monday, my first piece of fiction to ever see the light of day went up. I call it Monster Regret. Then one of my favorite artists offered to illustrate my monster for me. Now it's turning into a whole project and I can't wait to show you guys what it becomes.

For my last piece of Day One Magic, my monster landed in my inbox. This totally counts, even if my computer firmly refused to open the file.


Anything magical going on in your lives? Real magic or stuffed into the category by sheer dint of will? Are we sick of the word magic yet?