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Choosing the Fire


People talk about low self-esteem like it's something shameful. Like it's a dirty blanket used to hide every cracked place that really just needs to be accepted and healed and loved. The idea of low self-esteem implies we need fixing. But we don't need fixing. We don't need to be hammered or spackled or hoisted into underwear that will make us a different shape. We need gentleness. We need to reframe our story and shift our perspective toward something that soothes us and allows us to move forward, rather than cuts us when we make a mistake.

There are no mistakes. There is no one with low self-esteem or no self-confidence. There are just people who need love and understanding and forgiveness and gentleness. From others maybe, but mostly from themselves.

I'm not trying to fix myself any more. I'm pretty bright and spectacular, just as I am. In the way that everyone is bright and spectacular - you just notice it more with some people. Probably because they've already recognized that truth about themselves. Some people aren't ready to dig themselves out from under whatever comfort the weight of feeling broken holds. Not ready to accept what's burning like an Olympic torch under that grimy blanket. But it's just a choice. And every passing second is a chance to make a new choice.