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Don't Waste Your Time


On people who don't love you. On dreams that don't send jolts of electricity coiling down your spine.

On relationships when what you really crave is creation.

On creation when what you really crave is relation.

On t-shirts that don't thrill you.

On love affairs that suck your life force.

On books that don't make you laugh or feel or know.

On Twitter, when it's not making you marvel at the depth of the world.

On Facebook, when the life of someone else makes yours feel less.

On apartments that don't feel like home.

On projects that don't feel like your true work in the world.

On whatever doesn't feel real to you.


Plant your feet in the grass and tilt your face to the sky.

Lock anything with a signal in the closet for an hour, a day, a week.

Find someone who adores all that infuses you.

Run until you find something new.

Walk until you find something you once loved.

Read until tears dampen your neck.

Jump on the bounciest surface available to celebrate the invention of the sports bra.

Explore your town like a tourist.

Learn a foreign place like a native.

Eat something you crave and savor every bite.

Hug someone who makes your chest cavity feel like it's going to explode.

Hug someone who needs it.

Give the kid with the sign outside the Starbucks her favorite drink and 20 bucks.

Write love notes and scatter them on your way to work.

Most of all, don't forget that every last bit of love and magic in the world grew from the tenderest hidden places of someone just like you.