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The World Needs More Love (Notes)


The world needs a lot of things. But what it needs most is more love. If I could somehow pick up that love with my hands and mold it into a fireball or a dragon or a giant love-scattering hedgehog and unleash it on the world, I would. But since my super powers don't extend quite that far (YET), I'm going with love notes. Because sometimes the best way to pluck an intangible concept out of the ether is to take out a pen and put it on paper.


(Because you are.)

Years ago, I was in the depths of a couch-reclining, salted caramel-chomping, somewhat melodramatic despair. Magnificent though salted caramels are, they're not real good at stroking your hair and telling you you're pretty. So I rolled off the couch, sat down at my desk, swept the caramel wrappers onto the floor, and wrote a stack of love notes. Because maybe if I helped someone else feel better, I would feel better too.

If you happened to find yourself in San Francisco's Lower Haight in October of 2009, you might have spied a little square of paper tucked into a window sill or a tree branch. If you did, I hope you opened it and I hope you felt something.

I poured all the love I couldn't give myself into those notes - and, by doing so, felt infinitely better. Lighter, happier, and like those notes were tiny pinpricks of light that would guide me through the dark spot I was tangled in. I've been wanting to do this on a bigger scale ever since.

I want to scatter love notes through San Francisco and New York and everywhere else I go. I want you to start writing your own love notes and tucking them into chain link fences and taping them to telephone poles. I want our notes to be love made tangible and hand-delivered to the world, where they'll wait to be picked up by the right person at the right time. I want this to become bigger than me. Because putting more love in the world may be as simple as transcribing whatever love you have to give onto paper and scattering it wherever you happen to be.