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The Microcosm of Happily-Ever-After


After so many years of dating and all the weird and complicated that entails, all the sunk hearts and baffling situations, I'm learning not to look for the happily-ever-after. Instead, I'm starting to collect small, perfect moments. Imitating Benny and Joon in a diner after midnight. Touching someone's hand for the first time. Digging past the layer everyone sees to meet the tender person beneath. That indefinable swell of feeling in your chest because someone is exactly who they are. Saying the perfect thing at the perfect time so laughter makes tears. Eating a chocolate sundae in bed because he went out in the rain on his skateboard to fetch you something to make you feel better. Arms around waists, not forever but for now.

There's never any guarantee beyond the time and space you're in. So I'm taking my happily-ever-after moment by moment.