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Amber Adrian

I'm having the kind of breakdown I tend to have before a massive breakthrough.

Going gently with myself in these moments is key. Don't push too hard, don't expect too much. Now is not the time to expand.

It's the time to soften in.

Notice the present moment, the cloudy sky, the orange leaves scattered through the green, and how lovely it is that you have the ingredients for sweet potato soup and a cashew pumpkin spice latte without having to get in the car and go somewhere.

Tidy the house but don't scrub it like the queen is coming for cinnamon rolls.

Write random song lyrics instead of pages.

Know that the money is coming and you don't have to push for it.

Know that love is coming and you can delete Bumble after a brief spiral through the Human Shopping Network.

You can take it an hour at a time. You can breathe into whatever the experience is right now rather than trying to blast through to the next one.

You can just be. Get excited about the breakthrough without trying to force it. Like a skittish cat, it will come out from under the bed in its own good time.