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Sensation Is Information

Amber Adrian

We are all here. Here. Right now. Here.

Where are you? What does the room you're in look like? What does it smell like? What's over there to the left? What are you sitting on? What do you feel in your body? Does the air feel cool on your skin? What does it feel like to breathe it in? Are there any sensations in your chest, in your stomach, in your throat? Do you feel any constrictions or blocks?

If so, what do they feel like? Does an image or a memory float to the surface when you investigate? Is there a message for you in that block, in that constriction?

Sensation is information. If you feel something and it feels like it's asking to be noticed, put your focus on that place. Don't judge it or wish it away, simply give it attention. Ask for what it wants. Often, it just wants acknowledgement or a little love. If you no longer need it, imagine wrapping it up in light and sending it home. If there's something you need to know, imagine that message unscrolling in front of you. If it's simply a call to be kinder to yourself, heed that call.

Heed yourself. Heed the messages you are being given every day. Bring yourself and your body and your surroundings into focus and allow that focus to guide you. Feel your way through whatever is presented to you. If an emotion arises, feel it until it floats away. If an idea surfaces and keeps bumping at your edges, acknowledge it. Follow it, if that feels right. If you feel something in your body, simply allow it to be, without judgment or wishing it to be other than what it is. If it persists, ask for its message.

Our bodies are our best guidance system. Aligning yourself to its wisdom will help you more than any thoughts or plans or goals. Instead of thinking your way through a problem, ask your body what guidance it has for you. The more you attend to your body, the faster you'll realize that there are no problems, there are only fresh opportunities to make a new choice.